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Matthew Waring

South Florida Trucking Accident Attorney

Trucking accidents require swift action from the get-go.

A Trucking Accident is a motor vehicle collision involving a big-rig, 18-wheeler, semi-truck, commercial transport truck, or any other vehicle in excess of 26,001 pounds.

Since trucking accidents typically involve severe injuries and large insurance policies, many trucking companies have their own lawyers on call who they dispatch to the scene of an accident to start building their case against any injured parties.

Therefore, it is in your best interests to have a lawyer protecting your rights at the scene of the accident.

If you or someone you know is involved in a trucking accident, it is best to have a lawyer at the scene within an hour to begin building your case.  

Your trucking accident lawyer shouldn’t be slow to respond or apathetic about visiting the accident scene.

Action plan for handling trucking accidents.

Real life isn’t always so perfect.

Understandably, people who have been injured in trucking accidents are unable to shop for a lawyer from the scene.

All is not lost if you are unable to get a lawyer involved right away.

At Waring Law, we take the following steps immediately after being hired to represent a trucking accident victim:

  • Within 12 hours – meet with the client or clients’ family
  • Within 24 hours – visit the accident scene, question witnesses, develop leads on data sources such as video footage, black boxes, satellite navigation, and police investigative reports
  • Within 36 hours – identify liable parties and send certified mail preservation letters and letters of representation
  • Within 48 hours – inspect damaged vehicles wherever they are stored or relocated

Remember that the investigation conducted by your trucking accident lawyer during the initial two days after a trucking accident can significantly impact the result of your case.

Waring Law for South Florida Trucking Accident Victims

At Waring Law, we handle trucking cases with a sense of urgency.

We believe that delay on the lawyer’s part is a major source of frustration for trucking accident victims.

It is our goal to help our clients recover physically and financially as quick as we can so they can get back to living their best lives.

If you would like to speak with Matthew Waring for a free consultation about a trucking accident, call or text him at (954) 388-0646.

About Matthew Waring

Founding attorney, Matthew Waring, has helped his clients recover millions of dollars for accident-related injuries across South Florida. Matthew Waring started his own firm after working for two of Florida’s largest trial law firms because he saw a different vision for how legal services should be delivered.

Sometimes you can sit on your hands, do nothing, and the world will provide you with the justice you deserve.

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