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Matthew Waring

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Matthew Waring defended the largest shopping mall in Broward County against slip and fall claims. Now he represents slip and fall injury victims.

A fall can change your life in an instant. Even if you don’t break a bone, fall related injuries can still have permanent and devastating effects on your quality of life. Unlike driving a car – an activity which most people consider dangerous – walking into a retail store or other business property shouldn’t be dangerous. What makes business property dangerous?

  • Liquids or other “transient substances” on tile floors
  • Food material or other debris on tile floors
  • Uneven grades such as cracks in the floor of any material
  • Ruffled rugs and carpets
  • Low hanging clutter
  • Shifting floor coverings

In Florida, property owners have a responsibility to maintain their properties in a reasonably safe condition. In other words, property owners must stay vigilant and routinely monitor the condition of their properties to prevent people from falling and being injured.

Do you have a slip and fall case in Florida?

In order to recover compensation in Florida due to a fall accident, you must generally prove the following:

  • The property on which you fell was open to the public (or you were invited to be on the property)
  • There was some liquid, debris, or defect on the floor or floor covering which caused you to fall;
  • The liquid, debris, or defect wasn’t created moments before you fell (it has to be there long enough for the property owner or its employees to notice it and do nothing about it);
  • You were injured as a result of the fall.

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