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Matthew Waring

South Florida Personal Injury Attorney

Product Liability Lawyer in Deerfield Beach, FL

Waring Law pursues the sellers, suppliers, and makers of dangerous products.

My Uncle died from a defective product. That’s when I decided to stop defending corporations and start helping real people recover compensation for their injuries as quickly as possible. Sometimes, you don’t have three or four years to sit around and wait on a lawyer. I understand your frustration with the legal profession and am spearheading the Fight Against Delay.

Types of Defective Product Injuries

There are several ways to win a products liability case in Florida:

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The first step in bringing a products liability case is to speak with an experienced attorney. Matthew Waring has defended products liability claims brought against manufacturers so he knows how to work up a good case against them. If you want to speak with Matthew Waring about a potential defective product or products liability case, call or text him at (954) 388-0646. You can also contact him by completing the online form about.

About Matthew Waring

Founding attorney, Matthew Waring, has helped his clients recover millions of dollars for accident-related injuries across South Florida. Matthew Waring started his own firm after working for two of Florida’s largest trial law firms because he saw a different vision for how legal services should be delivered.

Sometimes you can sit on your hands, do nothing, and the world will provide you with the justice you deserve.

If you have been in an accident, speak with Matthew first.