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Waring Law represents injury victims from our office located in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

We help injury victims get their medical bills paid and get money to offset their pain and suffering.

Injury victims deserve to get paid if someone else caused the accident. The Seventh Amendment of the United States Constitution gives us the right to pursue damages after an accident.

We help prove that the accident was not your fault and how much money you need to make up for the accident.

How do you get started?

You start by calling our office at 954-388-0646. You will speak with Deerfield Beach personal injury attorney, Matthew Waring.

You will discuss how the accident happened. You will also discuss the injuries and symptoms you feel because of the accident.

Matthew will tell you whether you have a personal injury case. Matthew will also answer any questions you may have about the process.

You deserve to speak with a lawyer who will explain your rights and explain any risks you face by making a personal injury claim. Knowledge is power and there are no stupid questions. The call is free and usually takes a few minutes to find out if you have a personal injury case worth pursuing.

What happens after your call?

If you decide to pursue a personal injury claim, you will have the opportunity to hire Waring Law.

You will need to sign an attorney fee agreement to hire Waring Law. You will have the choice of signing it online using your phone or signing it in our office in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

You will not owe us any money unless and until we settle your case. Waring Law also covers any of your upfront costs. We charge the standard rate of 33.33% of the settlement, i.e. one third of the total settlement. We do not charge any fees on your medical benefits payments or your property damage


Recent Florida Personal Injury Case Results:

Waring Law has won millions of dollars for Florida injury victims.


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Prior results do not guarantee future outcomes. Each case is different and the value depends on the unique facts of each case. Speak with us to get a better estimate regarding your case’s potential value.

Deerfield Beach is our home.

Deerfield Beach is near and dear to our hearts. Deerfield Beach is not as congested as Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton but offers many of the same perks. We love how close we are to the beach. We also like that our office is on Federal Highway which is easy for clients to get to Our Deerfield Beach office also has plenty of free parking so you don’t have to find a meter.

Deerfield Beach is right in the middle between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. So we can serve Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Deerfield Beach Car Accidents

Car accidents are the most common types of accidents we see in Deerfield Beach. We estimate that there are about 1,500 to 1,750 car accidents in Deerfield Beach each year. That is about four to five crashes per day.

Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles says there are 1,100 crashes per year on average in the State.

The population of Deerfield Beach is 86,339.

The population of Florida is 22,244,823.

So Deerfield Beach makes up only 0.3% of the population of Florida. Applying that ratio to the average number of accidents per day yields four to five accidents per day.

What kinds of injuries do people get in car accidents?

Common injuries that people sustain in car accidents  include:

1. Whiplash

2. Concussion

3. Fractures

4. Lacerations

5. Burns

6. Contusions

7. Internal Injuries

8. Spinal Cord Injuries

9. Traumatic Brain Injuries

10. Soft Tissue Injuries

Whiplash is an injury caused by a sudden jerking or “whipping” of the neck. This snapping motion can cause a variety of spinal injuries. Whiplash stretches and tears the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the neck. In severe cases, whiplash can cause damage to the vertebrae, discs, and nerves of the spine. Whiplash symptoms include headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, pins and needles, dizziness, and blurred vision. Whiplash can cause chronic neck pain, difficulty concentrating, and memory problems.

If you have been in an accident, speak with Matthew first.