About Waring Law

Waring Law is at War with Delay.

Injury victims face roadblock after roadblock on their journey to physical and financial recovery. While injury victims’ most powerful tool is the jury, the insurance companies’ and big business’ most powerful tool is delay. The insurance companies and big business intentionally slow down and delay injury claims to deter injured people from pursuing justice in the form of financial compensation.

They don’t want you to tell your story to the jury.

During my time as an associate attorney at one of Florida’s largest insurance defense trial law firms, I studied how insurance companies and big businesses create delay in order to withhold money due to injury victims.

I learned that delay allows evidence to disappear, delay makes witness testimony less credible, delay makes it more difficult for injury victims to prove that they are entitled to compensation for future care, and delay creates strife among injury victims and their lawyers.

So they work hard to prevent and delay you from getting a fair trial.

In my opinion, delay not only adds insult to injury, but it also allows insurance companies and big business to get away with putting profits over people. After representing hundreds of injury victims, I can confidently say that injury victims don’t benefit from delay. Many law firms that represent injury victims have become big business themselves and lost sight of the calling of what it truly means to be a personal injury attorney.

I created Waring Law to help you fight back against delay.

At Waring Law, my focus is on making things happen in your case sooner rather than later.

It all begins when I first meet with you.

Instead of forwarding your calls to a 1-800 Call Center and then pushing you through a production line system of treatment, I take time to meet with you in person and listen to your story. [Lawyers would be surprised what insights they can glean when they simply listen to their clients].

After I meet with you, I develop an action plan specifically tailored for your case.

Then, I work with you hand-in-hand to give you the best opportunity of making a full physical and financial recovery.

At Waring Law, our “Plan A” is to take your case to trial.

Most injury cases settle well before trial.

That is because insurance companies and big business are scared of juries.

They are scared that a jury may award you much more than they are willing to pay to settle the case.

However, by making trial the end goal from the very beginning means that we can streamline the case through the claims process and avoid needless delay from the insurance companies.

Keeping the pressure on the insurance companies and their lawyers is the best strategy for injury victims.

About Matthew Waring

Matthew Waring is the founder and CEO of Waring Law, a Deerfield Beach based South Florida Personal Injury Law Firm. Personal Injury Attorney Matthew Waring has recovered MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for his injury clients throughout Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade Counties.

While Matthew keeps his clients’ secrets safe, he is an open book and loves to teach others how to maximize their cases.

Matthew started Waring Law after quitting one of South Florida’s largest Personal Injury Law Firms because he wanted to connect with clients on an individual level because better relationships mean better results.

Matthew previously defended lawsuits on behalf of many of the major insurance companies including Progressive, Philadelphia, Allstate, Esurance, Farmers, and many more.

Now Matthew is obsessed with fighting the delay caused by insurance companies and big business to get his clients better and faster results.

You may consult with Matthew Waring today by calling or texting (954)-388-0646 or by filling out a contact form.

Matthew Waring understands the insurance industry because he used to work for them.
Matthew Waring is an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer based in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  After graduating from the University of Florida, one of the nation’s best law schools, Matthew joined one of Florida’s top trial law firms to represent insurance companies. He defended insurance companies for years.

That’s why Matthew is uniquely equipped to handle your personal injury case. He knows insurance companies: He knows how they work. He knows their tricks.  And he knows how to maximize the value of your case.

Matthew Waring later flipped sides. He joined Steinger, Iscoe & Greene, P.A. where he handled hundreds of personal injury cases. Here, he proudly recovered millions of dollars for injury victims throughout South Florida.

In January of 2019, Matthew founded Waring Law, PLLC, a personal injury law firm based serving South Florida. Matthew’s goal is to provide the support that injury victims often miss out on when they are represented by large law firms.

Feedback & Reviews

Real testimonials from real clients that Matthew Waring has helped win their battle.

At Waring Law, we pledge to:

  • Provide individualized attention
  • Maximize your physical and financial recovery
  • Be responsive and available (e.g. you can call or text any time and we will be in constant communication about all developments on your case)
  • Strive to deliver faster results on your case

At Waring Law, we believe you deserve better.

During his time defending insurance companies, and later, working at a large personal injury firm, Matthew began to see the patterns of mistakes made by personal injury attorneys. Specifically, Matthew noticed that many personal injury attorneys make their money on a volume basis, placing quantity over quality. He noted that the goal of the large-firm model is to represent as many clients as possible.

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