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Matthew Waring has represented me on two separate matters – a small fender bender and a wrongful debt collection...
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Waring Law | Personal Injury Lawyer in Deerfield Beach Serving All of South Florida

Your story is worth sharing. 

War Stories often begin with normal people living peaceful lives before they are thrown off course by someone else's bad decision. 

Now, instead of paying off student loan debt, they are forced to pay medical bills.

Instead of celebrating the freedom of retirement, they are chained to a cane. 

Instead of standing up and breaking through the glass ceiling, they are sitting down in fabric chairs in doctors' offices.  

We believe that "Justice" is an action word. 

Sometimes you can sit on your hands, do nothing, and the world will provide you with the justice you deserve.
However, for most of us, who were not born into wealth and privilege, that day simply never comes. 
Rather than sitting on the sidelines of life, it is up to each of us to achieve the justice we deserve in life - especially after we have been injured in an accident. 
We empower you to do just that. 

Who do you want to tell your story?

As a young lawyer, I cut my teeth working for the largest insurance defense trial law firm in the State of Florida. That is where I learned how the insurance companies operate and how they value claims. 

However, after witnessing my uncle die from mesothelioma, a deadly form of lung cancer, I switched sides and began representing personal injury victims in South Florida.

Since I made the switch, I have helped normal people to recover millions of dollars in compensation after they had been involved in accidents. 

My background in representing insurance companies gives my clients an advantage when it comes to getting the full value of their claims.

We are helping people make War Stories all across Florida.  

Our South Florida personal injury law office is conveniently located on Federal Highway in Deerfield Beach making us near the cities of Pompano BeachMargate, Coconut Creek, and Boca Raton.

We serve clients from Hallandale Beach to Jacksonville and anywhere in between.

We even represent people in other states who were injured in Florida and people who live in Florida and were injured by someone from out-of-state.

Recent Case Results

  • $291,000 settlement obtained for a young man who was in a car accident in Deerfield Beach, FL. The previous law firm didn't get an offer from the insurance company. The insurance company initially denied the claim completely saying that their driver wasn't at fault for the accident.  Read On

  • $250,000 policy limit tender for client who was involved in car accident in Broward County. Matthew obtained the settlement as an associate attorney at a prior law firm before starting his own practice. Read On

  • $250,000 settlement obtained for client after car accident in Broward County, Florida. Matthew obtained the settlement as an associate attorney at a prior law firm before starting his own practice.  Read On

We are built for speed. 

  • We are set up to serve our clients remotely and we offer optional video consultations.
  • Completing paperwork is easier because you can do it through text message on your phone. 
  • We leverage the latest case management software to make sure that our clients' cases are moving along. 
  • When you call us, you speak directly with the people who will be helping you tell your story from the get-go and not a call center.
  • Your case will not be assigned to an attorney who you have never talked to before so you do not have to explain the facts of your case multiple times to several different people. 
  • Our clients have a direct line of communication to Matthew Waring. 

It is easy to get us involved in your case. 

  • You begin a free remote consult by calling us at Tel:(954)-388-0646 or you can submit a contact form on our site.
  • We call you right away to discuss what happened to you and hear your story. 
  • During our phone call, we will explain how the personal injury claim process works and provide you with a step-by-step action plan thoughtfully designed for you with your case with you in mind.
  • We handle all of the paperwork, the phone calls, and the strategy so you can focus on getting better and succeeding in life.
Along the way, we will continually provide you with the information and guidance you need to have a better chance at restoring your life after an accident. 
You will feel free to call and text us at any time during your case to get real answers to your questions in real time.
You pay us nothing unless Waring Law helps you recover money as a result of your accident.
With Waring Law's transparent cost breakdown, you can rest assured that when you recover money, you don't pay excessive or unapproved costs.
All consultations are 100% free and confidential and there is no obligation to sign up with us.
We are not a "Jack of all Trades" law firm.  
At Waring Law, we only handle personal injury cases.
We do not get confused about what type of lawyers we are. 

We devote 100% of our focus, effort, and grit to helping our clients recover physically and financially after they have been injured in an accident.

Here are some examples of the most common types of cases we work on: 

Your victory is our victory. 

We only charge our clients a contingency fee - we do not charge hourly fees and we do not charge any money or costs upfront.

We only get paid when we recover money for you.

Moreover, we don't get paid until we close your case which gives us plenty of incentive to push through to the very end.

Our fees are capped at 33.33% of the total recovery before filing a lawsuit and 40% of the recovery up to $1,000,000.00 after filing a lawsuit.

The more money we recover over $1,000,000.00, the lower our contingency fees get. 

The Florida Bar regulates the amount personal injury lawyers can charge clients. 

Knowing your rights after an accident in South Florida is powerful.  

You have always heard that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Well, what if your actions spark a chain reaction that ends up injuring someone?

The law has evolved over hundreds of years to make you responsible for paying for the harm you caused.

That is what we call "damages" in a personal injury case. 

My job as a personal injury lawyer is to hold people accountable for their negligent conduct when it ends up injuring someone.

In other words, I work to recover damages for my clients.

Since time travel doesn't exist - yet - the only way the law can make injury victims whole again is through money.

Clients often appreciate the fact that I take time to explain to them how the law applies to their specific cases.

The part that I enjoy most about what we do here at Waring Law is educating injury victims about their rights. 

There are several ways that South Florida injury victims can recover money after an accident.

First, someone may agree to pay out of pocket for the injuries they caused to another. [This is rare].

Second, an injury victim can submit a claim through the at-fault person's insurance company and the insurance company is responsible for settling the claim and paying the damages. [This is the most common way injury victims recover cash damages].

Third, the injury victim can take the case to court, go to trial, and get a judgment against the at-fault party. [This is also rare in 2020 and beyond]. 

A South Florida Personal Injury Lawyer can help you overcome many common hurdles toward achieving your justice. 
First, even if you were injured in an accident, there might not be insurance coverage available.

For example, if you were injured in a car accident but the person that hit you didn't have insurance and you didn't have the add-on uninsured motorist coverage on your policy at the time of the accident [if you've never heard of it, you probably don't have it], there may not be any insurance coverage available to you.

Many people are shocked to find out that their "full-coverage" auto insurance doesn't include UM/UIM benefits.

Even if the person that caused the accident had insurance, they might not have any bodily injury coverage.

As of 2020, Florida does not require drivers to have any bodily injury coverage.

Second, even if there is insurance coverage available to pay for your damages, the amount of insurance coverage is critical to the outcome of your case.

Since insurance companies are focused on saving money while also settling claims for their policyholders, they make offers based on the perceived risk of an excess verdict.

Essentially, an insurance company wants to offer you just enough money to make you decide not to hire a lawyer and sue their policyholder.

However, the bigger the policy, the bolder the insurance company is when they evaluate your case.

For example, if there is only $10,000.00 in insurance coverage available to you after an accident, the insurance company would probably pay you that money quickly if the injury was very severe because the risk of you suing their policyholder and getting a large jury verdict against them is high.

However, if you sustained soft-tissue injuries and there is $100,000.00 in insurance coverage, then the insurance company won't feel a lot of pressure to settle your claim. 

I have provided a simple one-page form which is available on my website that people can use to find out how much coverage may be available on their case without hiring a lawyer. 

Third, there may be additional insurance that you don't know about.

Even if you were injured by a driver who had no insurance and you don't have any uninsured motorist coverage on your policy, there may be other sources of insurance coverage such as through an employer or agency such as when you are involved in an Uber accident, Lyft accident, Doordash, Postmates, an accident while driving for Roadie, or even a rental car agency.

If you were injured in an accident, you will want to turn over every stone to identify all of the insurance coverage available to you.

Finally, in order to make a full financial recovery after an accident, you will have to establish and prove the severity of the injuries and the scope of medical treatment.

Before an insurance company will pay to settle your case, they will require extensive proof of your injuries including the medical treatment you required, the past and future medical expenses, wage loss, and loss of future earnings.

Moreover, you will have to prove to the insurance company that your injuries were in fact caused by the accident. Finally, you will also need to prove the amount that you are entitled to in damages.

The insurance company won't simply take your word for it.

Insurance companies have shareholders and they are required to make a profit. They only make a profit when they take in more money than they pay out.

So the insurance companies have an incentive to discredit your claims. You must bear the burden of proving the severity of your injuries and the amount of money you are entitled to. 

Before hiring a personal injury lawyer, it is common for insurance companies to offer you bare minimal settlements after an accident

That said, just because someone didn't go to the hospital after an accident does not mean that they cannot make a personal injury claim.

Especially, in 2020, people are generally less likely to get checked out after an accident at a hospital due to the fear of getting sick. 

We help you turn your accident case into a War Story

Waring Law Car Accident Lawyer Deerfield Beach
Matthew has represented hundreds of accident victims across Florida
Are you curious about the value of your personal injury claim or how Waring Law can help you?

Call us today to get started at (954)-388-0646. Consultations are 100% Free. 

With so many personal injury lawyers in South Florida, it can be difficult to feel confident about your choice. Whether you are looking for the best car accident attorney in Boca Raton, FL or you are looking for a Pompano Beach injury lawyer, my guide titled 5 Tips to Hiring the Best Personal Injury Attorney for your Case may help point you in the right direction.

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